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Let us now take one paddy seed. We can call it as one number.Now we bury it in the soil and put some water and manure. What will you observe after three months? A paddy plant is there with more than 3000 paddy seeds,leaves and the plant is with infinite number of cells. Now you uproot the plant and look for the seed . There is no seed. So, one(the seed) has become zero but manifested as infinity. Is it not? Similarly, when we/I (ego/ mind/ body) disappear (i.e. one disappears into null and void/ zero) one can realise that we are the manifestations of infinity. Now you read the following para for a deeper insight in to the realm of God. This para or discussion is an exert from my forth coming publication “Athma Darshan”. Myself writing this book since 21/05/2007. It will take another two years minimum to complete the writing. Hope, you enjoy the reading.

In Divine Mathematics Zero = One = Infinity

The Vishnu Sahasranama Contains the names of Vishnu that were evolved by Seers over time. Three of the 1000 plus names listed are: Shunya or Zero, Eka or one and Ananta or Infinity.

In Mathematics this can be expressed as 0=1=Infinity. The above equation needs a closer examination. Among names, there is no such thing as higher and lower: -Philosophically. Ananta, Sunya or Eka are equal. But, how can the numeral one be equal to Zero and infinity? Are they not on the opposite extremes of the number line? The integers are only notional points/ nodes along the number line which is otherwise a continuum. There is no such thing as fraction. Each fraction represents a point on the number line that is as legitimate as the nodal points. Half for instance is as much as a point on the number line as, say 1 or 9. In other words a fraction is in reality an integer.

To understand this, take a sheet of paper. It is a whole: it is 1. Tear it in two halves. Each half is ½. This is only relative. Other wise a half is an independent whole, a one. Even your original sheet of paper is also one half of something. Likewise, if you again tear the half sheets, you get a total of four ones. This process goes on to infinitive. In efffect we are creating infinite number of integers between 0 & 1. Your original sheet of paper is your original 1 and is now infinity. Eka is Ananta.

Likewise, Zero can be understood as being one. How? 1=1/1 =1/ infinity=0. Inversely, 1/0=infinity. This validates the equation 0=1=Infinity. The difference between the Zero and one is the difference between the unmanifest and the manifest. This holds true for all numbers, therefore all numbers are products of one. What does the equal to imply?

In Maths it means that two given entities are perfectly comparable. In advaita, equal to would imply not two distinct entites but two manifestation of the same reality. Two is an illusion, Maya. Nothing is equal to any other thing: each is the other thing. If everything is Zero or infinity what happens to the number line? Maya is not only illusion. It is also the truth of illusion. Maya is not an aberation of creation: Maya is functional to it: existence_the shristi would collapse without it; hence our number line is integers or fraction.

Concentrating on the flow of the breath has two definite benefits. First, because mind and breath are closely linked, concentration on the breath makes the breath to become smooth, even and calm, and the mind also becomes skilled. Second, the one can become aware that there is only one force that sustains the entire universe and all creatures. The realisation that there is one absolute truth has immense philosophical value, for when who becomes aware that there is only one life force in all creatures, he learns to love all as he loves himself.